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Underfloor heating controls

Benefits of Underfloor Heating For Your Home

Many people rely on their central heating to keep their property warm, however, not everyone is aware of how beneficial underfloor heating really can be. It is usually conceived as a ‘luxury’ as it doesn’t fall within everyone’s budgets, however, the long-term cost benefits could help you to change your mind.

Underfloor Heating Gets Warm, Fast

Underfloor heating is a lot more energy-efficient than conventional heating methods. This is due to its ability to warm up a room a lot quicker than a radiator does. Radiators initially heat up the air around them with any space away from the radiator staying cold. Underfloor heating evenly heats the floor across the whole room, heating objects rather than air, and therefore heating the whole room quicker than a radiator does.

As the floor itself is heated, this also helps to retain heat far better than traditional radiators that cool down quite quickly when turned off, helping you to save money on your energy bills.

There are two types of underfloor heating, warm water systems, or electrical. The water-based systems are reliant upon gas and are typically more efficient when it comes to running costs, but can be more expensive to install. Alternatively, the electrical option is cheaper to install but can be more expensive to run. When choosing which to opt for, it’s important to take your requirements into consideration. Those who wish to have underfloor heating installed in only one room will find that the electric system is best, however, if you’re looking to heat your entire property then the water system is far more ideal.

effective underfloor heating Underfloor heating controls

Low Maintenance

Other than providing quick heat, underfloor heating is also popular as it very rarely requires any form of maintenance post-installation. Once it has been fitted, if done so correctly it should be up and running for many years to come, also helping you to save money as many people experience problems with their radiators.

More Hygienic

Underfloor heating proves to be more hygienic than the use of radiators, as they tend to absorb dust. When using radiators, the floors remain cold and can cause dampness at ground level, creating the ideal breeding ground for dust mites. When your floor is heated it makes the environment for dust mites and other bugs too warm and dry for them to live and breed in.

Switching to underfloor heating can vastly reduce the number of dust mites, and as a result, people with respiratory problems such as asthma and even hayfever will suffer a lot less.

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