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liquid anhydryte screed

The Benefits of Liquid Screeding

Liquid screed is also referred to as self-levelling screed, it is a mortar made up of cementitious materials and sand. You can get various different types of screening, such as bonded, unbonded, floating or underfloor heating.

When liquid screeding is laid down well, the quality of the floor will be excellent, extending the life of a floor. However, if poorly applied it can drastically affect the quality of your floor and will make it very expensive to fix. This is why calling a professional to help you install it is always the best option.

Benefits of Liquid Screeding

Fast setting liquid screed

Although liquid screeding, like any floor, can have its faults especially if it’s installed incorrectly but here are three reasons why it is a great option.

Easy Installation 

Installing liquid screed is not very labour intensive due to its easy flowing properties and is surprisingly fast to install, around 10 times faster than cement screed so your rooms may be back up and running sooner than you think.

Underfloor Heating

If you are wanting underfloor heating, liquid screed is the perfect companion. When it is poured it coats the pipes completely leaving no room for air bubbles, helping your floors to heat up better. As well as this, the depth can be reduced so that the heat has less distance it has to travel.


This is a fast-drying option that typically allows you to use your floors again after just 24 hours. However, just make sure there is only light floor traffic at first till it is completely dry.
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