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The Difference Between Concrete & Screed

Despite these two being created from the same basic materials, cement, water and aggregate, they are still made and used in very different ways. Concrete is used for more heavy-duty structural tasks whereas screed is used to create a level foundation for floors.

How They Are Made?

Large Liquid screed floor

Concrete is created by mixing together the cement powder, water and coarse aggregate. This aggregate is made with larger materials like stones as well as the sand which gives the concrete great strength and durability. Screed, on the other hand, is made with the same materials but the difference is the aggregate. Instead of coarse stones, fine, sharp sand is used giving the screed it’s tightly packed texture and level finish.

Do They Look Different?

Fast setting liquid screed

Because concrete contains such rough aggregates, it means that the texture isn’t as smooth and you may even be able to see some of the gravel and stone in the mix. Screed has a texture that is more similar to mortar, it has a fine grainy look and could even be described as looking like wet sand.

Where They Are Used?

Flat screed floor

Concrete is great for heavy-duty jobs to create strong surfaces, for example building the foundations to a house or a garage. While the final surface of the concrete may be okay in some situations like in a garage, it won’t work if you are planning to lay flooring over the top. This won’t work because the floor isn’t completely flat, which is where screed comes in. The screed can be applied on top of concrete as a light final layer which will be completely flat. In some cases, people leave it like this but it allows you to have the freedom to put whatever you like on top of it.

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While people believe that the two are similar, you can’t compare the two in terms of which is better, because they are used for completely different things.  It is still good to be aware of which material you are in need of. If after reading this you have realised your floor needs screeding. If you are requiring a screeding contractor in Wellingborough or surrounding areas then contact the team at Paul Villiers today on 01933 270129 or fill in our online contact form.

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