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Why Should I Choose Underfloor Heating?

Are you sick of sitting at home in winter covered in 3 blankets and a jumper because switching the heating on is becoming so expensive? Underfloor heating could be a solution, as compared to traditional radiators, underfloor heating uses 15-40% less energy, saving you money every month. This is only one of the many benefits of underfloor heating and of course, it has its disadvantages too. This post weighs out the pros and cons of both underfloor heating and radiators.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

  • More efficient as it uses 15-40% less energy than a traditional radiator
  • Can be laid in both new and old homes
  • As the name suggests, it goes under the floor and so it doesn’t take up any space. So you don’t need to navigate your furniture around where your radiators are.
  • Underfloor heating evenly distributes heat. Although radiators do distribute heat, since heat rises, sometimes they don’t do the best job in distributing the heat throughout the whole room, especially in oddly shaped rooms where the heat may not reach certain places.
  • Warm feet is always a great benefit of having underfloor heating. It is actually shown that when you have warm feet it helps to keep your body at a stable temperature.
  • Underfloor heating doesn’t circulate dust and allergens around the room, unlike radiators.
  • They will also operate silently so there will be no more listening to the water gurgle inside the radiator.

Disadvantages of Underfloor Heating

  1. Installation can be expensive if it isn’t done yourself
  2. The underfloor heating won’t work instantly, it can take a couple of hours to completely heat the room.
  3. Certain types of flooring, such as carpet, may not work as well with underfloor heating.
  4. If something goes wrong it is a bit more complicated than with radiators.
  5. You can’t use it to dry clothes or towels like you can with a radiator

Advantages of Radiators

  1. They are much quicker to heat up than underfloor heating
  2. They are straightforward and easy to use
  3. They don’t require much maintenance, it can be relatively easy to spot an issue and repair. 
  4. Works well with all flooring types. 

Disadvantages of Radiators

  1. They take up unnecessary space
  2. The heat will rise so you may be losing some heat with radiators through the ceiling since they are located on the wall, whereas underfloor heating heats from below.
  3. If you are looking for a nice sleek design, some older more traditional radiators can look ugly, with underfloor heating, you would never know it was there.
  4. They can also be noisy sometimes as you can hear the water going through.

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At Villiers Screeding, we have a self-levelling screeding service, this type of screed is a great conductor of heat making it perfect for laying underfloor heating. Screed helps to create a completely level surface so your flooring going on top won’t be lumpy. If you are thinking about installing underfloor heating then please feel free to get in touch. You can call us on 01933 270129 or fill out our online contact form to find out more information.

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